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‘No probability of reformation, Danger to society’: Supreme Court

‘No probability of reformation, Danger to society’: Supreme Court upholds death penalty to man for rape & murder of 8 year old disabled girl.

A 28-year-old man in Rajasthan perpetrated a horrifying act in 2013 that shook the entire nation. After nine years, justice is finally being done as the Supreme Court affirms the application of the death penalty to man.

The horrific incident happened in 2013 when the accused won the trust of an 8-year-old girl who was physically and cognitively challenged by offering her confectionery.

After taking the victim hostage on the stolen motorcycle, the accused viciously raped her. After raping the girl, the accused didn’t stop and hit her in the head, causing multiple injuries, including a fractured frontal bone.

Later, the victim's body was discovered. Her private area also has numerous horrifying wounds.

The accused was detained by the police and given the death punishment by the trial court within 10 months of the case's hearing. Against which the accused pleaded in the Supreme Court.

The defendant argued in court that because he was just 28 years old when the crime was committed, he was not in his conscience. In addition, he had to take care of his wife, daughter, and an elderly father.

However, the Supreme Court did not respond to these arguments and emphasised that the accused's possibilities of change are essentially nonexistent.

It wasn't the first time a case had been brought against him. In addition to this case, he was also found involved in cases including murder, theft, and damage to public property. He received a seven-day punishment while in sentence for fighting with the other inmate and because of his poor treatment of his fellow prisoner.

He was also charged with murdering one of his fellow prisoners while joining hands with three other prisoners. In addition, he used a motorcycle that was stolen to commit the rape.

The Supreme Court was of the opinion that giving the accused a chance to change would undermine law and order since he represents a danger to society.

The court went on to say that there was no other option but to uphold the death punishment for the horrible crime he committed because even life in prison without commutation was impractical for him.

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