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05. Cyber Law

Our team includes one of the best cyber lawyers in Delhi who provide extensive legal services within the purview of cyber law including the Information Technology Act which criminalises tapering with the computer source documents, hacking, publishing of information which is obscene in electric form, breach of confidentiality and privacy, publication for fraudulent purposes, etc.


In addition, we provide legal assistance in filing, prosecuting and defending criminal cases before the local police station and through online cyber complaint cell for crimes related to cyber frauds, Email Frauds, Social Media Frauds, Facebook Friendship Frauds, Facebook SOS Frauds, Net Banking/ATM Frauds, Fake Call Frauds, Insurance frauds, Online Transaction Frauds, Gift Card Frauds, Fake Shopping sites Frauds, Herbal Oil Frauds, Job Frauds through Call, OLX QR Code Frauds, KBC Lottery Frauds, Paytm KYC Frauds, Sextortion Frauds, Phishing-Vishing Frauds, Data Theft, Business Email Compromise, Mobile App related Crimes, Ransomware, Lottery Scams, Cryptocurrency, Fake Government Website/Call Scams and Cheating Scams.

Unbalanced Scales of Justice
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