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No greater indication of decay in rule of law than a docile bar, subservient judiciary:

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

No greater indication of decay in rule of law than docile bar Justice JB Pardiwala said in the full court on his farewell which was arranged by his parent High Court on his elevation to the Supreme Court.

Every country is known for how its judiciary functions. Is it able to serve justice to its countrymen or not? A strong and independent Judiciary performs a vital role in forming a strong nation.

The independent judiciary's job is to uphold justice and carry out its duties. Before making a ruling, every judge should exercise his or her discretion and consider all the relevant evidence.

The judges have a duty to uphold the constitution and preserve the nation's law and order in order to maintain residents' faith in that nation's laws.

He continued by saying that judicial power derives from two sources in addition to the law. The public's acceptance of the judiciary's authority without coercion comes first on the external, and the judiciary's internal integrity, which is of utmost importance, comes second.

Judges are crucial to the efficient operation of any country's judicial system. They serve as the law's and justice's protectors. They are tasked with ensuring that everyone who has been wronged receives justice and that no innocent person has been imprisoned as a result of the legislation.

Judges should be individuals of character and strong morals since knowledge of the law alone may not be sufficient to carry out such a massive job. The judge should promise to uphold the rule of law for all those who have been wronged and not encourage injustice.

He also spoke to the legal profession, telling them that their mission should be to fight for both the rule of law and human rights.

Given that they have control over the judiciary system's integrity, they should also make an effort to further justice.

He expressed his satisfaction at witnessing the fervor and ardor of the next generation of attorneys for the rule of law. He asked them to uphold the rule of law and work to improve and strengthen the judiciary in this country.

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