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Hyderpora encounter: SC grants urgent listing for the plea to exhume the body of Amir Magre

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Four persons were murdered in an encounter that happened in Kashmir. Two of the four buried individuals were permitted to be exhumed the court.

The court agreed to the father of the deceased's request to exhume his son's body and carry out the ceremonies according to his religion. The father was a supporter of the army.

The deceased's family was supposed to perform the final rites in accordance with the religion that he practised his entire life and plead with the court to exhume the body of his son.

The court after reviewing the whole case give permission to exhume the body of his son and also ordered to arrange the transportation so that the body be returned to its native village.

If the body was putrid and not in a state of delivery, the judge also ordered that the amount of Rs. 5 Lacs be paid to his father.

Later High Court stayed this order of the single judge. Against which the aggrieved father list the urgent plea in the apex court.

The senior attorney requested that the court list the plea promptly because the body is lying on the ground and rotting every day. According to the lawyer, the father wants to carry out his son's final rituals in accordance with his religion.

The apex court agreed to the urgent plea of the case and asked the high court in Jammu and Kashmir to rule on the appeal within a week.

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