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Elected members can't be stopped from taking charge after results are ratified: Supreme Court

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Nobody has the power to prevent an elected official from taking office once the election results have been declared and confirmed.

According to the Supreme Court, the elected official has full authority to fill the position.

The Shree Coimbatore Gujarat Samaj General Body's annual general meeting and election procedure were finished in March.

The instant lawsuit was filed in Coimbatore's Additional District Munsif Court against the four respondents before the results were made public.

However, after the election process reached an agreement, two respondents withdrew from the lawsuit.

Due to the court's intervention prevented the elected official from taking over the post. Against which the Supreme Court heard an appeal.

The Supreme Court stated that once the election results were declared and accepted, there was no longer a reason to prevent the elected member from taking over his office charges.

This was in response to an appeal against the Madras High Court's order that forbade the elected members of the Shree Coimbatore Gujarat Samaj General Body from doing so.

Without delving into the merits of the case, the top court allowed the elected official to take office charges.

The court further stated that people who disagree with the electoral process are permitted to contest it, but they must do so in accordance with the law.

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