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Cancellation of Bail Cannot Be Limited To the Occurrence of Supervening Circumstances: Supreme Court

The Supreme Court made the following statement when passing a decision in a case involving the cancellation of bail: "Cancellation of Bail Cannot be Limited to the Occurrence of Supervening Circumstances."

In one instance, the murder suspect was granted bail by the Allahabad High Court. In response, the victim petitioned the Supreme Court to revoke the bail.

The Allahabad High Court made a mistake in giving bail to the accused, and the Supreme Court upheld the appeal and overturned the High Court's bail decision.

The High Court did not take into account the nature of the crime, evidence relating to the crime, recovering the weapon from his possession, and the accused's criminal history, according to the bench of Chief Justice NV Ramana, Justice Krishna Murari, and Justice Hima Kohli.

The bench said that the court must consider certain factors before granting bail in any circumstance and must not render a decision without carefully considering all the evidence.

The court went on to say that there could be a variety of additional justifications for the termination of bail in addition to intervening circumstances.

The following circumstances allow for the cancellation of bail:

• When the court grants bail despite the case's frivolity and pertinent evidence being on file.

• When the court grants bail, it disregards the accused's powerful position.

• When the court grants bail notwithstanding the offender's criminal history.

• When the court grants bail on an arbitrary basis.

• When the court grants bail in a way that compromises justice.

• When an accused person facing extremely serious charges is granted bail by the court.

• When the bail order is arbitrary and conceals the relevant case's facts.

A bail can be revoked by the court on these various grounds in addition to any supervening circumstances.

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